Pictures of India - Rick Bennett

 Photos © Rick Bennett

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I was glad to receive an email from Rick with a preview of some of his work and I am looking forward to present more of his photography later on. These pictures were taken in February 2010. - Mr Urbano

Rick Bennett
Born(year): 1952
Lives in: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Latest exhibition: 1980 Nickel Arts Museum, University of Calgary (as you can see I haven’t exhibited for a very long time – university, careers, kids, etc., etc., took precedence for quite some time)
Inspiration (photographers): Robert Frank, Walker Evans, Eugene Smith, Lee Freelander, Linda Conner, Lewis Baltz, Robert Adams, Brent Bennett (my brother) and the list goes on.
Film, digital or both: Film only

I photograph those instants in time and place which I find visually interesting and somehow inspiring.  I’ve never spoken much about my photography.  I prefer to let my photographs say or mean whatever they say or mean to those who view them. 


Rhonda Boocock said…
Good to see your India pictures here Rick!

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