Pictures on 591 this year. Tiberio's choice

Mr Urbano & his maestro "The Professor", a retired man I never met in real life who claims to be the lighthouse to all of us (including Mr Urbano) sailing in the dire straits of modern photography, asked us recently to select few samples out of the huge heap of images presented on 591 during the year. What a hard task!

Not to loose one, I started cautiously from the very first days of 2010 and soon, before reaching the end of January, I realized I already had a list of more than five pictures that could potentially fit to my goals. This prospected me the impossibility of completing the mission in a reasonable time frame without shortcutting or jumping hither and thither. So I'll ask your pardon if I won't look too fair: I'm presenting just the first pictures that entered my list.

UV Beauties, (C) Cara Phillips
Danil, (C) Liese Ricketts

Floating Market Can Tho, (C) Mikael Jansson
From point A to point B, (C) Simon Johansson
Happy New Year, (C) Owen O'Meara
And ... obviously, as Owen entitled my last selection ...
Happy New Year!


Mr Urbano said…
good choice Tiberio
I agree that 591 Photography has too many good photos ;)