A starry X-mas

Star Trails in the North

I must admit it will be very difficult to most of us to stand outside in open fields in a day like this with our neck bent up to the sky, looking for feeble signs from distant stars. There's so much to do: opening gifts, eating and drinking, playing with our kids and calling distant far relatives and friends. Beside this, the sky in north Italy is today as cloudy and rainy as a dull November day. Yesterday my children were asking how could Santa drive his sled through the clouds. I said he has the smartest and mostly skilled reindeers of the world! :-)
Hopefully the new year will bring us some of those unique neat, blue and inviting January skyes we know about but in the meantime let's look at this one and tell me if North Pole isn't the right place for an old fat & ... good man named Claus.

Star Trails in the North

Let me wish you all a Merry & Starry Christmas.