Looking for Empire - Jérôme Gorin

Jérôme Gorin's series from Rue Saint Marthe, Paris was a great discovery to me. Please enjoy another fine series by Jérôme - this time from New York. - Mr Urbano

Watch "Looking for Empire" by  Jérôme Gorin

This series was made in summer 2004. The Empire State Building is one of the symbols of New York City’s magnitude. Everyone in this city is proud of this monument, it’s the highest one and you can see it wherever you are in New York. I wanted to show the Empire State from different places of the city. In Manhattan, it blends perfectly into the scenery, but once outside of Manhattan, the contrast can be very harsh.

Text and photos ©Jérôme Gorin

Jérôme Gorin on 591 Photography


paulboo said…
An excellent series of images, beautifully done.
Tiberio Fanti said…
Very very good!
I love the concept as well as the processing: great mood, great tones.