Kanna - Toyokazu

I think that the photograph is a tool to make memories more than the one to leave memories. 
Therefore a large number of my photos are fiction. However, laughter and happiness overflows in such a foolish fiction. I want to keep shaking and enriching everyones  mind, make them happy, and laughing. I´m taking  photos like rock'n'roll and my wife and two daughters are member of my rock'n'roll band.

When I came across Toyokazus photos I could not take my eyes from them, they trigged my imagination and suddenly it felt like I was in the dreamworld of Haruki Murakami where fiction and reality is woven together so fine that it feels like the most natural thing. So welcome to Toyokazus world.

Please have a look here for more of Toyokazus work

All photos copyright Toyokazu


Mr Urbano said…
Irresistable. I love this.
Rhonda Boocock said…
lovely photos...they do make memories...
Tiberio Fanti said…
Two thumbs up!
(it's the top of my son' scale)