Horse Days Finale : Kita McIntosh

photos copyright Kita McIntosh

How better could it be than to finish off Horse Days with these wonderful images from Kita. She uses an amazing array of funky cameras to produce her work. Did I mention that she's a superhero?

I hope you've enjoyed Horse Days as much as I have. Cheers,  GC.


Tiberio Fanti said…
I do!
Topola (that's her nickname I learned from good ol' PP website) has a special sense of humor. She's from Genova (where Paolo Saccheri lives) but moved somewhere close to Inverness. It must be the extreme weather condition to have such a lysergic effect on her mind! :-)
paulboo said…
Love those images Kita, they are indeed the work of a special talent.
Rhonda Boocock said…
Beautiful Kita! Enjoyed them all!
Mr Urbano said…
I remember you Kita of course
great Finale of the Horse Days
They have helped me to get through the snow and the northern winds - there was always a horse to say hello to every day on 591 ;)

Thanks GC - you have done a great job. Can't wait to see your selection for the Horse Days Album
dick said…
horses are difficult to picture,
you've made it really well, the feel
and nerve of these sensous beings
Paolo Saccheri said…
fine images Kita!
ciao from Genova!!
br said…
magical!!! it's great to see Kita's photos again!
Sandra Pyke said…
your sense of space and time...and how you fill it...frivolous, fun..yet real..a rare always make me think about how I look at life.