Settlers - Olga Ingurazova

A part of an ongoing project “Settlers” was made in Syracuse (located in the south-east corner of the island of Sicily, Italy) not without a reason. Nowadays the ruins of ancient city neighbor with Italian Syracuse meanwhile the sun, high humidity and constant archeological excavations are leaving their marks on the appearance of the city, making it an inimitable and sometimes changing it forever, as well as the “settlers dreams”.

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Migratory movement is one of the most widespread and expanded phenomenon in the world of today. And the most troubled trend is illegal immigration. Mediterranean area is one of the main risk zones.

In total, over the past year the coast of Lampedusa and Sicily, have reached more than 30,000 immigrants, but only a small part of them will get the legal status.

Olga Ingurazova, born in Moscow (Russia) in 1985. Her photography is oriented toward post-conflict recovery, well established and newly-made social phenomena, all aspects of human behaviour. Following the social documentary photography lines she attempt to present the problem from uncommon side to make people to reflect or maybe to change their minds. 

Olga carries out her freelance photojournalism in Russia, former Soviet republics and Europe. Her recent projects include series of photographs taken in Russia, Abkhazia, Turkey, Italy and South Africa.

Text and photos © Olga Ingurazova