Street Art Days - An eclectic collection

photo © Carlos Morales-Mengotti

photo © Jurek Holzer

photo © Owen O'Meara

photo © Owen O'Meara

photo © Paul Boocock

photo © Peter Nyberg

photos © Ryuta Abe

photo © Ulla Larson

photo © Wallace Rollins

photo © Michael Winnerholt

photos © Zselinsky Miro


Mr Urbano said…
The Street Art show is so great to watch - depicting so many stunning works of art from the underworld for all of us to enjoy
I love the colors Carlos, Jurek, Wallace, Owen, Miro, Ulla and the forms Ryuta,Peter, Michael

And the composing of it all Rhonda
so many good people involved
Mr Urbano said…
and Paul of course ;)
paulboo said…
A fine and fascinating eclectic mix, nice :o)