Chess, 1969

Photo © Arne Persson
There will be more from this source later on. This photo was awarded first prize in a photo contest held by the local newspaper in 1969. The subject of the competion was "Winter Sports". - Mr Urbano


Rhonda Boocock said…
winter sports...that is funny! An exceptional picture!
Mikael said…
Wow, cool photo, a great document of history
Arte Joe said…
Hermosa escena, muy buena fotografía!!

paulboo said…
Love this quirky image but is chess a sport!!?? ;-)
Mr Urbano said…
OK Paul...;)
if I remember this correctly ( it happened 41 years ago) the newspaper had a contest about "How did you spend your winter holidays"
In Sweden there is a school break for a week in late February-Early March called "Sportlov" "Sports Holidays"which means that the kids should go skiing, skating or just tumble around in the snow.