Babel Tales by Peter Funch

 Hommage a Fischer

Pattern Recognition

 Red Rule

Jesper Elg, V1 Gallery Copenhagen says about this series by Peter Funch: "His uncanny work raises questions of reality contra fiction and challenges our notion of photography as being a depiction of a certain moment in time. Peter Funch's work are documents of moments that never existed as they are composed of several hundred moments taken over the duration of several weeks for each piece. By shooting in the excact same position over a period of time, he is able to superimpose images on top of each other and create a fictional work based on documentary photography"

I think it is a brilliant and throughtprovoking series. For some reason Peter Funch's pictures make me think of Elliott Erwitt. It is a different time, a different technique but it is the same observant eye behind the camera. - Mr Urbano

Peter's series was recently published in Guernica - a magazin about art and politics. It is good - you should have a look.
Guernica Magazine

Some facts about the photographer:

Born 1974, Denmark. Lives and works in New York City
Photojournalist from the Danish School of Journalism in Denmark
BABEL TALES, Colette, Paris.
BABEL TALES - Addendum”, V1 Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark
DANISH DIARIES, The Danish Pavilion, World Expo Shanghai, with Jeppe Hein & Martin de Thurah, China

In 2010 the book Babel Tales with 41 images is published.


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truly amazing! Thank you Peter!
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Cool work, amazing indeed
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Nice site, nice and easy on the eyes and great content too.
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Intresting format for streetphoto
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