Childhood - Silviu Pavel

Photos © Silviu Pavel
Tatiana brings us more photography from Romania. Silviu Pavel is entering the world of childhood in a way that appeals a lot to me. Thanks. - Mr Urbano

Silviu Pavel

Born: 1980
Lives in: Bucharest , Romania
Latest exhibition: “Dobrogea” group exhibition at MTR Museum , Bucharest , Romania
Inspiration (photographers): Nikos Economopoulos, Cartier-Bresson, Alex Webb
Inspiration (other): Nick Cave (music), Fellini (film), Chagall (painting)
Film, digital or both: both
A favourite photograph: “ Greece ,Thrace region, near Xanthi. Muslim wedding. 1991” by Nikos Economopoulos from “in the Balkans” Series

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cafe selavy said…
These are wonderfully complex photographs of what in the west we idealize. They evoke a complex miasma of emotions. It is difficult to present images of childhood without the usual maudlin refrain. Excellent images.
tatiana said…
There is joy and there is sadness here !
br said…
exceptionally wonderful foto work of childhood. the images capture the sense of wonder, awe, and imagination of children. congrats!!
Henrik said…
A very rich series, grat!
adm said…
I'm impressed
Paolo Saccheri said…
very good photos! Very good.
Mikael said…
Great childhood stories, give us more ;)
Rhonda Boocock said…
a very moving series!
Simona said…
Wonderful images..!