Last chance - Portraits 591 Summer Exhibition

During the summer you have been invited to see "Portraits" - a collective exhibition with 120 portraits created by 64 photographers from over a dozen countries. We are pleased to know that so many has come to visit the exhibition - since the start on June 20 more than 35 000 visitors have entered 591.

Poster design Vera Fehér

The exhibition has been a success and it will encourage us to make similar efforts in the future. On Saturday the gallery will be taken down, but you will still be able to get to know the photographers who have participated - you find their names in "591 from a-z" and in a special list (all photographers) that still needs some more linking.

The daily presentation of the photographers is now complete - we look forward to see other work by all of you again soon. Our sincere thanks for participating in this project.

Mr Urbano (aka Ulf Fågelhammar)
Tatiana Bitir
Vera Fehér
Mikael Jansson
Rhonda Prince
Paolo Saccheri
Beatriz Rowland


cafe selavy said…
It was a privilege to be included in this exhibition with so many good photographers. These online installations are an important addition to the world of art. You are to be commended for this innovation

Thank you all for allowing me to participate.
Tito Barajas said…
It was apleasure to participate. I feel proud and privileged. Thanks very much.