Lying Down

Barcelona. July 2009

Sitges. June 2009.

Göteborg. March 2009

San Francisco. July 2009

Sitges, July 2009

Barcelona. July 2009

Barcelona. July 2009

Barcelona. July 2009

Photos © Johan Rheborg

People lying down on the ground for various reasons - an aching back, sunbathing, sleeping ... or because they are homeless. It is an interesting and thought provoking approach. I like it. - Mr Urbano

Johan Rheborg

Born: 1963
Lives in: Täby, Sweden
Inspiration (photographers): Alex Gusov, Bruce Gilden,
Inspiration (other): Lisa Rinnevuo
Film, digital or both: Both
A favourite photograph: Terro O´Neill 's Frank Sinatra with bodyguards in Miami Beach 1968
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Self-portrait © Johan Rheborg


br said…
all are great! like small tragi-comedies....something very special. the last one, with the walking reflections is a fave.
Torkel said…
Grymt bra!
smudo said…
they come together just great! each a small story. sweet;)
Maria said…
I like tha last picture very much
It got my attention immediatly
Susanne said…
En mycket fin bildserie!
Grattis! :o)

Mvh Susanne
tatiana said…
Great ideea !
Chris said…
Excellent, love the stranded sunbather second from the top...
Mikael said…
Yes very nice indeed!
Anonymous said…
vad jag letade efter, tack