Markus Jenemark - still on show

Photos © Markus Jenemark

For those of you who can't make it to see Markus exhibition in Bankeryd (we have told you about it on 591) please enjoy these wonderful squares. I am very impressed by what this young man has achieved in medium formate photography.
Markus will also participate on Planket, Göteborg (is Yngve attending too - wow, I will practise while he's away... ELBMARCS) - Mr Urbano
SEE more on Markus Jenemark's Blog

interior from the exhibition


Paolo Saccheri said…
so beautiful!!!
tatiana said…
Love this a lot !
adm said…
1. 4. > genial < IMHO
Oskarp Mask said…
Markus, you are a great photographer!
br said…
congrats, Markus, great work!
Mikael said…
Yes great as always and you deserve recognition for your work

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