Hanna and Lily

Photo © Emese Altnöder
In many of Emese Altnöder's pictures I can sense the flow of time - it happens when I am looking at this portrait. Even in a still photography you may feel the motion - something has just happened and something else is about to happen. And all of that within a fraction of a second. It is the magic of photography, I guess. And of Emese. - Mr Urbano

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Underwater Blues
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Emese Altnöder on 591


Paolo Saccheri said…
The main quality of Emese's work, I guess, comes from the relationship she finds with her subjects.
"Hanna and Lily" is a wonderful example where a deep empathy originate that beauty.
An attitude found in the very sensitive and communicative artists.
cafe selavy said…
Children and Time, the ultimate tragedy. Beautiful image.