three frames in 15 seconds

I am looking through some negatives from 2005-2006 and found these frames. Estimated time between each frame is five seconds ( as long as it takes to wind the film and refocus with a manual Olympus OM1) These are scans without any editing except resizing. But I am thinking about editing one of the frames. Which one would You chose?
Mr Urbano


Jan Bernhardtz said…
I would choose the one in the middle.
Romary Daval said…
I agree
Anonymous said…
The rightmost and last picture comes through stronger than the other ones. In my opinion.
Tiberio Fanti said…
Though choice. Gut feeling says the one in the middle.
erin said…
what an incredibly interesting question. when i stop to consider the photographs and the expressions, after some time the frames fluctuate. they become one, and then they separate and become different people, sisters to the one self. ! what does this say of identity, of moment, of reality and of photography? not one thing but many things. it leads, or should lead, to a great discussion.

i can not choose one. it feels as though if i did i would be committing a kind of murder to the others.

thank you - interesting remarks!
Mikael said…
First one