A first acquaintance

I have to admit I´m not a project type of guy, when I feel like it I go out and catch what I can see but sometimes it happens even to me. A few weeks ago we moved to Kärrtorp a suburb in southern Stockholm and we are slowly getting to know each other and I like it. Here are interesting people and well can´t really put a word on it more of a feeling this can be something good both on a personal level and on a photographic level so this will be an ongoing thingy ( I hate the word project, too strict for me)
- Mikael

Copyright Mikael Jansson


Unknown said…
Yep - Nice to see your pictures from this fine part of Stockholm - it is fotogenic and you discover it at once. This is the place where Minecraft was born and where the greatest trombonist on earth lives too. And they have a decent ICA - big surprise.
Tiberio Fanti said…
I think I have seen this place before ... uhm ...

Last month