Burma in Transition - Geoffrey Hiller

Documentary photographer Geoffrey Hiller has worked all over the world, but the one country that has drawn him back the most is Burma (now Myanmar), poor and isolated by its military dictatorship, but rich in Buddhist culture.   

Burma in Transition is Hiller’s project spanning the entirety of his time there from the 1980s to the present day. He plans to self-publish the book with the help of his Kickstarter project under the same name and has teamed up with prominent Burmese writer and former politcal prisoner Dr. Ma Thida, and journalist Francis Wade , who will contribute essays exploring the country’s changing face—an undoubtedly exciting yet uncertain time of transition. You can pledge to the project through October 9th.

Link to the project

Photos © Geoffrey Hiller


Rhonda Boocock said…
wonderful series...enjoyed it very much!!!
Mikael said…
The first photo with the man on the bike is so familiar, a photo that sticks in my mind with its feeling with expression light etc, have it been published before somewhere?
Very good work indeed, interesting to take part of the life in Burma