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Ruth was born in Arnsberg and lives for decades near Hamburg.
At a young age she wanted to be a painter, at school her art was often exhibited. 
Later she became a lecturer - beside her job was little time to paint.
Thus art was always part of her life. 

She becomes an active artist again with digital photography in 2007. 
Ruth started to photograph and edit photos in an intense way. 
While coping with a disease she no longer submits to any photographic rules, 
but creates images with deep passion for color and form. Ruths motto is: 
It's all a matter of perspective and ... sometimes it has to be different.


 discover more of her work here:


I love to show ruth's work on 591! 
kerstin kuntze



Kumpernatz said…
danke dir, liebe kerstin, für die vorstellung bei 591 und insbesondere für deine lieben worte :)
ich habs ja schonmal gesagt ....deine bilder gehören raus in die welt.....to be continued :)

deine kunst ist einfach umwerfend.
mrurbano said…
great pictures - I especially like the last one
Kumpernatz said…
danke ulf, das letzte war auch das schmerzvollste :)
Rhonda Boocock said…
Kumpernatz said…
danke rhonda
uweseiffert said…
klasse ruth, das erste gefällt mir besonders gut! uups, das reimt sich ja sogar...alles gute dir! liebe grüße uwe