water memory 2.0

Photo © Raffaele De Martino
From the series water memory 2.0

Raffaele De Martino
Born: 1970
Lives in: Naples (IT)
Latest exhibition: watermemory2.0, november 2011   
Coming, planned exhibition: in side, march 2012
Inspiration: Henri Cartier-Bresson, Hiroshi Sugimoto, Gabriele Basilico
Inspiration: Giacomelli, Modotti, Man Ray, Rodchenko, Nadar
Quote: Not exist artistic photography. In the photograph there are, as in all things, people who can see and others that don't even know to look.
Website: www.zud.it


Unknown said…
A great "atmosphere" in your shots, really "aquatic". Great choice of color for this.
Congrats to the model too.
EstherLPolonio from LaKlemaStudio.