a passionate teacher

Jim Friedman with students in a chemical-based photographic darkroom © James Friedman 2011

Readers of 591 know about James Friedman mostly from his pictures and series on the blog but James is also a passionate teacher. These are words from some of his students:

“There are not many true masters in our society — people who dedicate their lives to a discipline that leads to a profound understanding, expertise and transcendence in their field. Jim Friedman has attained such mastery through his commitment and passion for photography.  He is also extraordinarily creative in his approach to teaching photography. I am grateful and fortunate for his willingness to share his enthusiasm and inspiration for more than 30 years.” — JM, Columbus, OH

“James Friedman’s dedication to photography is unique. He puts all his experience, love and passion into his work. The day I started discussing my work with him changed everything. He brought my photography to a much higher level and taught me to see things much clearer. Even though I live in Germany and Jim in America, the distance is not an issue. We work on our computers and use the phone for our discussions. Jim is the best teacher, coach, adviser and mentor I’ve ever had.”—MW, Frankfurt,  Germany

Jim Friedman with students on a photography field trip (from the series "Self-Portrait with Jewish Nose Wandering in a Gentile World" James Friedman © 2011)

James Friedman is quite a remarkable person and I am glad he has found out about 591 Photography. I dare say that we share a common passion called Photography. - Mr Urbano

James Friedman was nominated for the Excellence in Photographic Teaching Award, which recognizes outstanding international teachers of photography. Also, he has been nominated for an Excellence in Teaching Awards three other times.

He is now accepting new students online and in person in Columbus and Greater Central Ohio for his unique individualized instruction, mentoring, coaching, group and individual portfolio reviews, classes, workshops, field trips and inspirational guidance. Friedman was moved to be passionate about teaching by his mentors Minor White and Imogen Cunningham. Analog and digital photographers worldwide are welcome.


Roland said…
Ahhh, old school darkroom. Boy do I miss doing developing and printing by hand. Waiting for each print is like opening presents on Christmas day. Great capture.
Ted Rice said…
I studied with Jim at the very beginning of my life in photography and then again toward the middle of a career as a professional and fine art photographer. In the first case, I won a first prize in an all media art contest, which nailed down my commitment to a career in photo. The second time it moved me out of a creative rut and led to projects that won a Greater Columbus Arts Council Fellowship and two Ohio Arts Council Fellowships. Additionally, my commercial work improved and led to great new editorial clients (New York Times Mag, Fast Company, et. al) and financial success. If you are a student of photography, willing to work at your craft and art, Jim Friedman is among the best, if not the best on the planet. Ted Rice, Ohio, USA.
Anonymous said…
Ahhhhh, yes a great mind, teacher, and cheerleader to those who press forward in photography. Charles Rex Arbogast, The Associated Press Chicago