591 Exhibition: Oregon Crop Festivals - Phil Decker

“Celebrating Abundance:  Oregon Crop Festivals”

Oregon is a state in the U.S.A. known for it's agricultural diversity, and many small towns identity with their local crops.  There is a rich tradition of crop festivals that celebrate this abundance, whether the crops are a current source of income, or a nostalgic memory of life prior to urbanization.

In addition to celebrating abundance in terms of "the harvest", these festivals celebrate the abundance of family and community.  They are open air stages where folks connect , where people come out of their homes to enjoy classic American events such as parades, eating contests, food booths and concerts.

As a photographer, these festivals are a pleasure ... so many people, special events, interactions ... in every direction, all day long. For this 591 Exhibit I tried to distill each festival into a tryptich.  Enjoy these glimpses of festivals in honor of apples, corn, wild mushrooms, pumpkins, elephant garlic, hops, potatoes, and even sauerkraut!

Phil Decker © text and images


Phil Decker said…
Thanks Ulf for posting a series for each crop festival during the summer, and now this exhibit that combines a triptych from each festival. Stay tuned for next spring :)
Roland said…
Happy 2012! I love bowling with cabbage!