Amor por Juarez - Valeria Prieto

Soldiers near the frontier

Taco seller, in the most popular street from the city, well it was once.

A landmark building burned

Passing through a street in Ciudad Juarez

This is a wall of a building where a car bomb exploded

Downtown building


The lead and copper smelter, ASARCO is located five minutes from downtown El Paso
and just across the Rio Grande / Rio Bravo. The people who live near from ASARCO
on both sides of the border are numerous and of low economic resources.

ASARCO operated for over a century (1887-1999) by issuing hundreds of tons of lead, arsenic
and cadmium, which are deposited in the homes, schools and businesses located around.

Bridge Paso del Norte

Happy Journey 
this sign is located across the bridge of Juarez to El Paso TX.
Photos © Valeria Prieto


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