591 Permanent Exhibition : Lonesomeville - William Schmidt

WATCH the exhibition Lonesomeville by William Schmidt (120 pictures)

I want to thank Ulf Fågelhammar for encouraging me to pursue this project.  It has been a long and arduous journey, and as with all travel, it has been full of wonders and fraught with surprises.  Of course, I have met the most incredible people along the way.  The men and women with whom I have worked have taught me much about art and even more about life. They have been an incredibly diverse group in every imaginable way, and have each been extremely generous with their time and support for both me and the project.  We will remain, I hope, friends forever.


Now it is time to move on to other things.  I have several projects already in the works. . . still, I can't imagine giving up on Lonesomeville for good. It will have to evolve, of course, as the Polaroid film is now long gone, but I am brimming with new ideas for continuing this exploration of the analog and digital worlds, this journey between the future and the past. Thank you all for this opportunity.
- William Schmidt, text and photos

William Schmidt´s Lonesomeville project is a brilliant effort taking photography to a new dimension. I think it deservs a special chapter in a future history book about photography. Thanks Bill for sharing this monumental work with the 591 community. - Mr Urbano


Rhonda Boocock said…
congratulations on an excellent series that I have a feeling will never be over really, even if it does evolve. Looking forward to what's next!
Jan Bernhardtz said…
I'm glad to see some images from Bill's Lonesomeville project here. He is a wonderful photographer and a great writer too.
Sean Q6 said…
The exhibit is, of course, phenomenal. I have seen many of these images alone but to see them together is, again, something else altogether. As I was watching the slideshow I kept looking up and seeing "Lonesomeville Permanent"... It almost begs to be in the opposite order, "Permanent Lonesoemville"

Congrats Bill on the showing, it is truly great.

I did notice though that no credit was given for "props"... Did the Absinth truly make you forget...

No, I only kid.

As ever,