Toy Camera Days - Call for Submissions

photo©Paul Boocock

“There are toys for all ages.”   -French Proverb  

591 would like you to celebrate the art of plastic cameras with us. Simple toy cameras can strip photography down to its basic elements. The unexpected results they give are certainly part of their charm.  Show us your  pictures created with just the photographer and plastic without fancy technology or excess digital manipulation.  

There are many toy film and digital cameras. The Toycam Handbook lists the following:  Agfa Clack, Agfa Isola, Ansco Panda, Ansco Pix Panorama, Bilora Bella 3c, Bilora Bella 66, Bioflex, Brownie Holiday, Churchies Spy Cam, Corina, Coronet 4-4 Mark II, Diana, Druh & Druh Synchro, Etude, Ferrania Eura, Fisher-Price digital camera, Fujipet, Hamaphot P56L, Hi-Speed Insta Load, Holga 120, Imperial Mark XII, Lomo Compact Automat, Lomo Oktomat, Lomo Action Sampler, Lomo Super Sampler, Lubitell 166U, Mini Shot, Nickelodeon Photo Blaster, Neo-Phot,  Photax Blindé, Polaroid I-Zone, Polaroid Land Camera,  Praktica Minipix Keychain Camera, Skolnik, Spartus Full-Vue, Spy Kids 110, Time Traveler 120 and the Wild Planet Wrist Cam. Photographs from these and any similar cameras will be welcomed. 

(Please no images from mobile phones, i-phone, i-pad, i-touch, i-pod or other such devices at this time. We might include the distinctive images from those cameras in a future exhibition.)

photo©Rhonda Prince

Please send up to 5 images (800 pixels wide, 72 dpi and jpg or png) to  by January 7th, 2012. We are looking forward to your submissions



Vale said…
cool! the proverb is awesome :)