Josefine Reuterborg - a selection

Josefine Reuterborg
Born(year): 1985
Lives in: Rågsved, Stockholm
Latest exhibition: Reclaim Photography
Inspiration (other): People, friends, moments

I am sure you will hear a lot more from Josefine Reuterborg in the future - she is one of the most talented, natural born photographers I have met lately. Watching these pictures is like breathing fresh air. 

Josefine tells me that she has no proper camera or advanced equipment. Well - there is much talk about technique in forums on various photo sites - of course fueled by (mostly male) photographers who are convinced that owning the latest, most expensive camera will suddenly improve their pictures. It will not.  - Mr Urbano

Photos by © Josefine Reuterborg


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Great stuffz
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great series!