Invitation to Fridays in Concert

Upcoming event 27 January 2012

Hello there music lovers and photographers! Fridays in Concert on 591 is the project to watch and contribute to. On Fridays starting 9 December there will be pictures of musicians in concert. I hope that many music styles and genres will be represented. The symphonic orchestra in action, street musicians, punk bands etc. You are invited to send me your best captures!

WATCH all pictures posted on the Fridays in Concert Label

The intro photo was taken by Josefine Reuterborg - more pictures by this very talented photographer coming soon on 591.

Send your images to Mr Urbano ( email-address on contact page)
don't expect too many pictures from Mr Urbano ( he is a lousy concert photographer )


Simon Johansson said…
great shot, josefine!
br said…
i am looking forward to seeing the response to this invitation!!