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Sri Lanka

The Images in the In Camera series are of photographic studios in Sri Lanka, Pakistan, India and Vietnam. Old photo studios provide environments where the past, the present, the traditional and the contemporary collide and where painted backgrounds and props give clues into notions of class, taste and aspiration.

The series builds on premises of traditional documentary photography but mixed with painterly and cinematic (implied narrative ) additions. The panorama camera is perfect for this work in the way it compacts the world, widens it like Cinemascope yet flattens it to be read like a page of literature.
- Abby Robinson



Sri Lanka

I am a big fan of Abby Robinson. She is unique - her idea and the result of this project is simply breathtaking. - Mr Urbano

Please also have a look at the 591 online exhibition "Autoworks" - "The photographer (in front and in back of the lens concurrently) gets to be director, actor, observer, subject and/or prop, and the camera functions as companion and accomplice." ( from Abby's introduction)

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Sue Katz said…
You've created magic within magic using your magical talents. But then that's nothing new. Thanks Abby!
Jonathan said…
These photos are revelatory -- narratives in a frame. Brilliant concept. I feel as if I have read a novel after looking at them ... Michael Ondaatje? Anita Desai? Amitav Ghosh? Gita Mehta?
br said…
amazing, fabulous work. love the richness and complexity!!!
devorah said…
these are my favorites
(except of course for that 'bathtub picture')
just wonder full
Lynn said…
original idea--wonderful, touching, & funny Congratulations, Lynn
Mikael said…
very good