Steve Jobs

Look at this picture.

I just woke up, today, put my coffe pot on fire and opened the pc to read the news. On top lines of almost every living website there's the deep and catching sight of this man whose death has just been announced to press agencies. It's the official portrait of an Icon of the last thirty years. A man who's been almost able to create a religion, who's visions have crossed countries and ideologies, who's ideas have - us willing or not - materialized around us, in our pockets, on our desks. Photography as well has undeniably changed, after the introduction of smartphones.
Now, I can see pictures of people crying and praying for him, kneed down in front of the windows of his company technology stores. It's the modal, excessive reaction to the announcement of a lighthouse extincion. I'm sure, there will be other gurus in the world who will take his place in the heart of technology addicted people. Yet, I cannot deny to feel a sense of unease, of loneliness. It's been a long time since ideas were beared to the world sitting side by side in a garage.


Mr Urbano said…
rest in peace Steve Jobs - I used a Macintosh first time in 1990 and I still do - a slightly different model than in those days
It was the compact SE/30