Exhibition : Nelli Palomäki - As time consumes us

Julia turning five © Nelli Palomäki

Becky at 23 © Nelli Palomäki

Bawoo at 30 © Nelli Palomäki

The Finnish photographer Nelli Palomäki is regarded as one of the most promising young European photographers. I have to agree, the way she explores the classic black and white portrait brings out qualities that bears the mark of a "Maestra". From her pictures I can sense an obsession with the human comedy/tragedy and a genuine curiosity about what goes on in her model's minds.

In her own words:

"My pictures force me to go close to people. I´m curious. A photograph is born out of life and exploring it. Everything around me is simply interesting enough, I don´t need complicating. Light gushing out from the window, a sad face, a suffering hedgehog by the side of the road and a party with friends going on till morning." Read the full text

The preview of her work is impressive - I will definitely explore "As time consumes us" in Kulturhuset, Stockholm. - Mr Urbano

4 november 2011 - 22 januari 2012


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