Errorism - Balázs Sprenc and Miroslav Zselinsky

Every image of this series contains two expositions by the two artists. 
We worked on this project independently in several places (in Tallinn, Bratislava, Budapest, Amsterdam, Prague, etc) for two years without knowing what picture the other photographer took on the same roll of film. 
The two layers of each frame are a result of coincidence, random overlays of our two lives. 
The role of coincidence was further enhanced by the technique we used: the uncontrollable and unpredictable results of the cross-processed slide film and the limited imaging possibilities of a plastic toycamera. 

Photos and text © Balázs Sprenc and Miroslav Zselinsky


br said…
excellent, great, creative work!!!
J. M. Golding said…
Intriguing film swap work! It looks as if one of you saw the earth from outer space :-)
balazs said…
yeah, we would do anything for a good picture... ;)