My Best Picture - Britta Häggmark

photo © Britta Häggmark


Arr Day said…
Why is it that a picture, over many and many others, turn you up so much ?
Here, there is nothing but stereotyped London icons, really. And there is no action per se. No people to spy on. The space is closed. Nothing "nice" to look at, in fact. No romanticism. No grandiose.
But there is that personnal approach, that personnal way of looking at some things. There is a lot of balance in this unbalanced picture : the colors, very few, in good contrast and harmony with each other, a sense of movement and one of inertia to also balance the whole. I know : It is mystery. Dark windows of the phone boot, incomplete windows of the houses behind, and only silhouettes of the bus passengers. Mystery in the common things. I find this to be a very strong picture. One I would hang on my living room wall.