Beach Days - The Album

Dear contributors and friends of 591 Photography. It has been a joy to watch the diversity and creativity in the pictures for the 591 Beach Days. Many thanks - I think we are all committed to the overall idea of this site - to show pictures that feed our imagination, touch our hearts and sharpen our minds.

The Beach Days would have been nothing without Kerstin Kuntze who has organized and published all pictures. The album is her selection - one photo by each participating photographer. I value the work Kerstin has put in to this a lot. She is a miraculous women, a Water Goddess maybe. PS I love the poster.

Sometimes I wonder; how in the world can we manage projects like Beach Days, Children's Days etc over and over again. After all many of the 591 authors haven't even met in real life and we live in different parts of the world. I feel very lucky to have such great people around me. - Mr Urbano


I love you Mr. Urbano ;)

and...thanks to all the photographers in the world woh made the "591 beach days" possible!!!!!!!!

your beachgirl kerstin
Fritsch said…
And me I feel lucky to have those beach girls & beach boys around me to me show their world & running such a fine site make my days. Always, again & again!

All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.
Sehraeuber said…
Kerstin, more than a grossartiges Album, Sun & Fun and really more!