Occupying Mullvaden 1977-78

Mullvaden 1977-78, was an occupation of four houses on Krukmakargatan 2,4,6,8. The occupation was not mainly about claiming a place to live - it was a struggle to stop the demolition of many houses in central Stockholm. Nice old houses were demolished to be replaced by new, expensive apartments. Of course we knew nothing then about what was to come - today apartments in the centre of Stockholm are extremely expensive.

The occupation spread to the streets with a lot of activities. The Mullvaden Opera was staged in a square called Mariatorget and attracted about ten thousand people during one weekend.
I made a book called  "I Mullvaden levde vi" (we lived in Mullvaden) with the fine poet Erkki Lappalainen, who sadly passed away last spring. It was a fine year. We learned how to work and socialize in a collective manner.

Text and photos © Micke Berg 


Mikael said…
Grymma bilder!
Simon Johansson said…
great shots, great story.
Jurek Holzer said…
Historical moments.
br said…
amazingly excellent documentation!!!! very inspiring!!!