Errorism - Vera Fehér

I was born as an optimistic soul.
My strong emotions always came fast and deeply from me. It was uneasy to follow these emotions, show them clearly and learn the techniques so quickly as the sense arrives. So, of course, I made mistakes while learning photographical techniques in the darkroom. Anyway, I never wanted to be glued to classical developing, even technologically from the first time I tried to explore new phenomena.

I mixed new tinctures over the badly burnt pictures, so it painted the first 'errorist' picture of the world :)

At that moment I realized that one have to be more opened for the message given by a picture. The elemental picture have to be interesting as well, and then the mistake comes, and gives an extra
for it. Pictures this way sometimes came from far away, and they somehow show new and clear, strong meanings. You just have to open your mind and let them reach the quality of your artistic tools.
Anyone can say, 'I am in it' or that he uses this approach as a tool. In Hungary we call this group errorists, when I found it out, a lot of people made one of us. Nowadays there is a new fashion too, an affection to lomography which is a little bit resembling to errorism.
We are gladly opened to salute new sides, new references to this attitude.

Photos and text © Vera Fehér


mrurbano said…
great statement vera
the first picture makes me think of a cave painting
so primitive and beautiful
One has to be good enough to make great errors. You are...
Henrik said…
An emblematic pic, great!
br said…