My Best Picture - Florian Fritsch

It's the black room in the masters' house Muche in Dessau. A room I always been fascinated ever since. I used to give my photographs accompanying lyrics of which I think they reveal just enough to keep the secret of thoughts. So here they are:

"And when the phone has lost it’s bell / And the doorbell has lost it’s sound / You’re only hearing your heart pound / It’s involuntary" (M. Ward)

You can find the original post on my blog:
About Dessau Masters' Houses


Great compo & light, a really good shot
Sehraeuber said…
Weniger ist mehr, dies bewahrheitet sich bei diesem Bild in Perfektion und trotzdem bleiben unzählige Interpretationsmöglichkeiten ... gib deinem Traum den Raum!
br said…

Last month