The last Beach Day on 591 ~ Ruth Kumpernatz

Thank you so much to all photographers in the world 
who made our "591 Beach Days" so vivid!
I've really enjoyed, looking at all these pictures and getting in contact 
with some of you beachgirls & beachboys.
Now I will select one picture of every participant
and Ulf will build the 
"Beach Days of 591" ~ Exhibition.

~ k ~ 

And now just enjoy the soulful beaches of Ruth Kumpernatz.

Thank you, rOOth!

Kerstin, no longer the beachgirl of 591


mrurbano said…
WHat a great show it has been - I will miss Beach Days for sure. But hey there will be an album too. Stay tuned to channel 591
Kumpernatz said…
thanks to 591 and "beachgirl" kerstin ... r00th :)))
elfrun kroehl said…
feine grafische tristesse, liebe rOOt
Rhonda Boocock said…
Lovely, meditative photographs. Thank you Kerstin for putting together an excellent series!

Bella said…
r00t-style... like it!!!