There is a new photographic movement born in Hungary: Errorism
The name was given by Vera Féher from her visual idea that errors can be accepted as tools in making art.
Among the artists that follow its manifesto we find some of 591 friends. 
Those who will exhibit in Genoa, Italy, within days are Miklós Acsai, Emese Altnőder, Vera Fehér, Márti Borsay, Szandra Szentpéteri, Márk Martinkó, Balázs Sprenc, János Vachter, Miro Zselinsky

"To appreciate the aesthetics of errorism, there is a natural directive to a human being, who is blessed with the sense of bloom." 
- from the errorist manifesto

I'll keep you informed about this event.


Balogh Anita said…
Congratulations! Hajrá Magyarok!!!!:)
Mr Urbano said…
what a great movement!
br said…
congrats! I've learned a lot by looking at the "Errorist" photographers. Making something beautiful from inherent photo anomalies. great!
V said…