Errorism - the "grand" opening

Last night has been a great night in Genoa.
Like every year it was the START night, where more than 20 galleries in the historical center stay open until midnight and people interested in art goes around looking for the best exhibition.
At the Galleria Studio 44 things went super, more than 250 people entered the gallery in 6 hours and enjoyed the first exhibition of the new Hungarian photographic movement outside home country.
Comments were enthusiastics. Someone interested in buying too :)

Photo © Emese Altnőder

Photo © Balázs Sprenc

Photo © Miklós Acsai

Photo © Márk Martinkó

Photo © Vera Fehér

Photo © Szandra Szentpéteri

Photo © Miro Zselinsky

 Photo © János Vachter

 Photo © Márti Borsay


Mr Urbano said…
great news and congratulations!
Donatella said…
I saw the ehibition last night and it was fantastic! great job!
Altnőder Emese said…
thank you, Ulf..and thank you, Donatella!!I am there spiritually!:))
laan said…
Altnőder Emese said…
Tiberio Fanti said…
Why don't you set up an on-line exhibition here around?
juditny said…
congrats, folks! :)
votka said…
:-) Congrat!
Biró Roland said…
congrats !!

where is Borsay Márti picture ?
wape said…
Grat, Jankó...