Middletown, USA and beyond

Photo © Douglas Ljungkvist

GO to Middletown USA and beyond

Photographer Douglas Ljungkvist originally from Sweden lives in Brooklyn, New York. This series called "Middletown, USA and beyond" actually consist of pictures from three different projects; "Middletown", "Public Spaces" and "Quiet City". Douglas generously proposed that I should put this series together from his work.

I am struck by the strong visual appearance and the mood in these photos. Many of them hit me hard in the stomach. Brilliant compositions combined with a content directed not only towards your heart - they will also activate your brain. Douglas says that his work is more about feeling and mood than decisive moments. I am glad to be able to present this extensive selection of his work. - Mr Urbano

Website www.douglasljungkvist.com


Mikael said…
Very interesting, classic yet contemporary like it a lot