Morales- Mengotti - Street Days

All photos copyright Morales- Mengotti


Ludvig Nordahl said…
the "eta-picture" is brilliant.
and please tell me the story behind the "blue lady", its (she is) just lovely.
Mr Urbano said…
Good to see you Carlos
excellent work
saludos y abrazos
Mr Urbano said…
the first photo is a portrait of Miguel Bosé ( if I am not mistaken) He is one of the biggest stars in the Spanish speaking world and you have seen photos on 591 of his daughter Bimba Bosé performing
Please!, Please! The first photo is from the world well known painter Antonio López García!!!!

His work is in the main world contemporary art museums.
Mr Urbano said…
OK I made a mistake
but he is a lookalike don't you think

I am an ignorant as you notice ( but not a fan of Bosé) ;)