Second season of 591 Exhibitions until February, 2010

In the first season of 591 online exhibitions you were presented to 38 solo shows and one collective exhibition. In the 591 Summer Exhibition 2009 "Portraits" there were 64 photographers who participated.

The second season of 591 Exhibitions has so far introduced you to 26 photographers from 13 countries Denmark, Romania, Hungary, Poland, Sweden, Czech Republic, USA, Canada, Portugal, Belgium, United Kingdom, Mexico and Croatia.

New exhibitions of the second season will be presented until February 2010. There is still some space available, so don't hesitate to send us suggestions of exhibitions.

In March we will celebrate the opening of the 591 Spring Exhibition "Born in the 80's". Our mailbox will be open for your submissions until January 31.

Current 591exhibitions online
Born in the 80's - call for entries