591 Exhibition - Trine Søndergaard

The exhibition has ended

"Søndergaard goes beyond the walls of the private sphere, following the women and their customers from the streets behind closed doors, but denies the very possibility of being a ‘fly on the wall’. Released from these conventions, Søndergaard’s work embodies and explores the dualities of her own role as an artist, but also as a woman.

The artist was personally and daily subjected to harassment by male customers on the street where she lived. Her own subjection to this male gaze marked the beginning of the project. She realised that she was not ‘seen’. That she existed only as a projected fantasy of a woman for the male customer. It is this fantasy her work ruthlessly exposes, a sexual fantasy in harsh contrast to the reality of infected needle sores and bruised skin."

Excerpt from a text by ©Finn Thrane, Museet for Fotokunst, Denmark

Rewritten in English by Jane Rowley

Just over a year ago you were able to see a small selection from Trine
Søndergaard’s series on 591 Photography. I have been thinking many times about it as I regard "Now That You Are Mine" as one of the best photo documentaries that I have seen. I am glad to be able to show you a major selection from the series as an 591 online Photography Exhibition. Trine's pictures from Copenhagen will always stay with me as a reminder of what photography can do. - Mr Urbano

© Trine Søndergaard
Now That You Are Mine
Analog C-print, 100cm/100cm
Courtesy Martin Asbæk Gallery, Denmark


In the spring of 2010, Trine's new book MONOCHROME PORTRAITS will be available on Hatje Cantz Verlag.


adm said…
Top class
Anonymous said…
beautiful and strong!
My compliments for this great work.
Vedres Ági said…
Paolo Saccheri said…
a great body of work!!!
Jurek Holzer said…
I totally agree with mr Urbano - she is one of the greatest photographers of our time, equal to Nan Goldin and such.
tatiana said…
Inspirational....yes...reminds me of Nan Goldin !
Anonymous said…
yes this is very good. strong! almost hard to watch.
/simon johansson
Rhonda Boocock said…
raw and powerful...thank you for showing us this series.
br said…
the strength of these images is found in the context of her other exceptional photo work. a great photographer.