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The exhibition has ended

My brother got married. He's still my brother but he's not Brother D. any more.

The project “A Catholic Polish Family” (2005-2009) is an intimate reflection on my own family: my parents and my brother and sisters. This project is a result of the changes that I had to face when my brothers decided to become monks and of my discovery of a religious scenography and norms that rule our relationship in and out of the convent.

The spontaneity of gestures and exteriority of emotions in our meetings in public places were supposed not to be showed anymore. My brothers became public persons. The change towards a formal relationship and the preestablished conduct maintained by both part, the society and the religious environment, stimulated my need to show and exteriorize the intimate side of my brothers.

This work is a “family album” of two generations, in which are represented the changes that happen along their lifes with the catholic religion as the main background.
Text and photos © Gerda Kochanska

The members of the family
The Parents: Father retired carpinter. Mother retired, houskeeper. Both devotee of catholic religion.
The Brothers:
Sister 1: Nurse, married; mother of two children. Devotee of a catholic religion.
Brother Capuchin for over 20 years and a painter of icons. In 2008 founded along with a young religious a new catholic community wich was closed down after one year. They got married this year.
Sister 2: Felician nun, recently graduated in Arts, catechizer;
Sister 3: Felician nun, head of a nurse departament in a hospital.

Gerda Kochanska
Born in Poland.
Graduated in Spanish Literature and Language in University of Barcelona.

Published among others in El Periódico, Interviu, Ojo de Pez. Exposed in England, Spain, Poland and Italy.
Selected for the Foto Summer Show organised by Foto8 Magazine in 2008.

2008 received Award of Excellence Photographic Story in the Visual Culture Awards;
2009 Renaissance Photography Award with the jury Martin Parr, Brigitte Lardinois, Eamonn McCabe, Charlie Waite;
2009 Honorable Mention IPA 2009 in Fine Art Portrait pro.
2009 Nominated for Latent Talent SCAN 2009

There is so much to find in these pictures, in this family album created by Gerda Kochanska. It is good to see the many interiors adding a lot to the story. I am also impressed by Gerda's great compositions, she manages to dispose the space of each frame in a very intelligent and beautiful manner. - Mr Urbano


adm said…
It is really nice to watch - especially I like Ulf's main page selection (4) - images about images... that was the trigger to watch the whole story
tatiana said…
Unique and so good !
jon said…
congrats gerda!!!!
Rhonda Boocock said…
amazingly strong and beautiful!!!!
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Jurek Holzer said…
Truly great documentary work.