591 Exhibition - Alex Axon

The exhibition has ended

In the city or in the country side you will always find spokes. Bicycles and umbrellas are just two items based on them.

I wanted to give life to these two objects, to capture them in diverse circumstances. I've been looking for graphical contexts, lines, curves, circles, angles. I imagined different stories and events. I've spent a lot of time in the chosen places trying to capture the desired image.

The images in the series have been taken during one year in 7 different cities around Europe:
- Amsterdam (Netherlands), the city with a few hundred thousands bicycles
- London (United Kingdom), where you will not go for a walk without your umbrella
- Barcelona (Spain), with its outstanding architecture and lively inhabitants
- Bucharest (Romania), the city in which you can discover beautiful places you didn't know about
- Sibiu (Romania), the medieval citadel with an atmosphere taken from ancient times
- Eforie (Romania), the crowded sea side resort near the Black Sea which can surprise you when least expected
- Breaza (Romania), a small city on Prahova Valley, green and quiet.

In each of these places time passes by differently, space contracts and expands following other rules, but what remains is the same is the way people use these common objects - bicycles and umbrellas.

I am a graphic designer who regards the photography as a way to express himself. I was born in Romania and Bucharest is my home town. When it comes to photography I don't have a preferred subject or theme, I like to experiment all of its aspects.

I shoot only digital, my main camera body is a Nikon D300.

Text and photos © Alex Axon

Website www.axonphoto.com

You should not underestimate the power of spokes. They keep the wheels together and rolling and they help to protect us from the rain. Spokes are thin and fragile, but without them the bicycles or umbrellas would lose all their grace. Alex is a graphic designer and it shows in his exhibition. I am very fond of the graphic feeling of his images. - Mr Urbano


Jurek Holzer said…
Nice exhibition. Well thought. Well done.
br said…
exquisite work!!! excellent!
Mikael said…
Yeah, very nice!
mia said…
Well done!
Unknown said…
Great, great!!
Paolo Saccheri said…
very fine formal qualities with a mood!
Rhonda Boocock said…
Most excellent!
tom said…
Wow! Excellent!
tatiana said…
Superb indeed !