Help-Portrait - a shift in thinking

Ági tells us about an interesting project called Help-Portrait:

In Budapest there were 48 photographers and I don't know the real statistics, nearly 150 people came to this event to Budapest Sportarena.

These photographs are taken by me because I'd like to show other people the feeling and I hope you can feel it, how wonderful to give and waiting for nothing, those people haven't got enough money for Christmas to buy a camera or pay for colour photographs in a photo store.

I know it's too much for those, who has four or five children and I talked to them how they're living from only one salary. There were women living at a "mother's home", because they divorced or had to leave their husband, because the way of his living.

But they are so happy and the children like them so much, I was shaken when I heard these stories, but I really know and I feel they have a beautiful soul and they are in safe, their heart is full of love and warm.

I’m invisible now.
Just a human being.
A woman.
A Middle-East European.

A heart.

- Ági Vedres

I was glad to hear about this initiative and perhaps it will serve as a wake up call to some photographers who tend to be too much occupied with their own egos. - Mr Urbano

Learn more about the Help-Portrait movement


br said…
this is great!! the group foto is excellent and how wonderful that so many fotographers participated!! But it is Agi's words that resonate. nice work!
Mikael said…
Good initiative!
Paolo Saccheri said…
it's a very nice thing to see and know about!!
very good, Agi!