cop 15 - bad timing with weather

Photo © Ulf Fågelhammar
It is freezing cold and a fierce snowstorm is pounding Scandinavia and other parts of Europe as world leaders arrive in Copenhagen, Denmark. They are there to reach an agreement on climate change.

Citizen Zed has been thinking hard about this mega event. Short time profit and speculation is supposed to be replaced by long term responsability and planning.
But isn't that what the financial markets and the so called "world economy" is all about - speculation and short term profit?

People all over the world are in fact suffering from the financial crisis - the (not so) great recession. So what's the deal? Will there be a deal on protecting the planet from the financial markets as well?
- said Citizen Zed


tatiana said…
....this is Toronto wether....!
Mikael said…
Maybe we can start a conference about it
citizen zed said…
Have you seen the bull on the wall?
The bulls are back.
Should we celebrate?
br said…
it is great to hear from Citizen Zed. perhaps the earth is trying to rid itself of the human virus. :/
Vedres Ági said…
It's the same in Budapest.
Bulls, yes.