Mikael and Lina

Photographer unknown

I told you there would be surprises today and this was a surprise even to Mr Urbano. Mikael and Lina send greetings from Indonesia with these pictures. They were very glad to see the celebrations that took place on 591 on their wedding day, October 30th. I think Lina and Mikael look absolutely great in these pictures, don't they? - Mr Urbano


Altnőder Emese said…
a wedding may have been wonderful.... I wish you much happiness!
my best
Rhonda Boocock said…
All my best Mikael and Lina...beautiful, happy pictures...thank you!
Thomas H said…
All my best to Mikael and Lina. Fantastic to see all the colour and beauty in the pictures.
Anonymous said…
Ett stort grattis, och de ser fullkomligt strålande ut!

Tror aldrig jag sett den käre Micke så strålande :)

tatiana said…
Happy new life for Mikael and Lina !!!
Anonymous said…
Hurra, grattis!

Paolo Saccheri said…
may this be one of many beautiful days in you life!!
You look great! :))