Caper Street Art Mania

Hand printed poster made in Stockholm. Height 300 cm.

Screen print on wallpaper made in Stockholm

Stickers collage made in New York City

Stickers, New York City

Stickers, made in New York City

Spray, made in Zagreb

Etching on aluminum mounted in a concrete framework, Stockholm

Etching on aluminum mounted in a concrete framework, Stockholm

Poster, screen print made in Copenhagen

Poster, screen print Stockholm

Photos and Street Art © Caper

Photographing street art is interesting and even important - you never know, the art could be removed anytime. I was surprised and glad to receive these pictures - they show some of the street art created by a group called "Caper". And in this case there should be no doubt about the copyright.

If you are a street artist and happen to see some of your art on display here on 591, just drop us a letter if you would like credits. A big thanks to Caper. Stay on course. - Mr Urbano


mia said…
Splendid! A fine exhibition at the gallery of the street! Nice works, thanks for sharing! And very nice photographs! :)
br said…
great documentation... you've captured the energy of street art and street commentary!!
Mikael said…
Nice, the New York stickers are really cool pics