591 Exhibition - Jan Sochor

Photos © Jan Sochor

The exhibition has ended

Jan Sochor

Born in the Czech Republic but he is changing his base between South America and Europe frequently, he has lived and worked in Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Spain and the Czech Republic in the last five years.

Jan Sochor focuses on documentary projects trying to show and tell about the (Latin) American continent, its everyday life, social, political and cultural issues. His photographs and stories have appeared in numerous Czech and international magazines, newspapers and publications, including Sunday Times, National Geographic, Burn magazine, Foto8 etc

His exhibition on 591 Photography consits of three photo essays depicting life in Colombia from different aspects. It is a strong, colorful and violent display of the reality of America. I come to think of some lines from a poem by Pablo Neruda called "América, no invoco tu nombre en vano":

"...un nuevo día tuyo me penetra,

soy y estoy en la luz que me produce,
vivo en la sombra que me determina,
duermo y despierto en tu esencial aurora:
dulce como las uvas, y terrible,
conductor del azúcar y el castigo,..."

It is an excellent exhibition that Jan Sochor shares with us. - Mr Urbano

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br said…
congratulations to the photographer or surviving "el calvario"....the street/barrio looks very dangerous. great work on all three photo essays.